About Joëlle

I’m Joëlle but most people call me Joe. In 2013 I decided to change my life, discovered Lecce and from that moment my Little Dolce adventure began. I found a beautiful historical building in the centre of Lecce. The city had captured me with the little white streets and the monumental, baroque buildings. Also the climate is perfect.

Now I can’t imagine life without Salento. I love to drink wine in the winebars with friends or go to the sea with my boyfriend to see the sunset. I like working in the bed and breakfast but I also wrote an ebook in Dutch about Lecce and I’m exporting typical Puglian products to the Netherlands with Hanneke (my Dutch friend). With my boyfriend I recently bought a trullo that we are renovating. So from the beginning of 2021 you can also relax and have a lovely holiday in our Little Dolce trullo near Ostuni.

Staying in Lecce

The Little Dolce bed and breakfast is located in the historical centre of Lecce, the baroque city that stole my heart. In the little streets of Lecce you find a fantastic, serene atmosphere that you can feel both during the day and night.Enjoy a visit to one of the beautiful churches, museums and ancient streets. Don’t forget to look up once in a while to see the many balconies and their characteristic ornaments; you’ll see that each building is different. Afterwards you can relax with a spritz on a terrace at the amphitheatre or enjoy a local wine in one of the many wine bars.
The most beautiful thing I find is that people take time for everything: There is always time for a coffee if I walk on the streets and see a friend. I think that’s really a great way of slow living…

About Salento

The region where I live, Salento, is maybe one of the most beautiful peaces in Italy. 
The coast at both sides has everything: tropical beaches with clear blue water and white sand and the most picturesque villages and cities. The Little Dolce bed and breakfast is the perfect accommodation for your holiday, because it’s centrally located in the middle of Salento so you can reach everything within a short drive. 

Beach lovers? In Salento you will find the most beautiful beaches of Europe. Within only a 20-minute drive from Lecce you find Porto Cesareo and Torre Lapillo, the best places for a day at the beach with a lot of sun and maybe a glass of wine. I recommend you continue your way to Porto Selvaggio and Santa Caterina.

Holiday in Puglia

From the first time I visited Puglia I fell in love. It’s just another world: the red earth, the clear blue sea and sky, the rolling landscape full of olive trees and the white trulli.
Almost the whole year round you can have a nice holiday in Puglia. Spring is comes early and because of that the temperature in April is often above 20 degrees. The summers are long and pleasant with temperatures around thirty degrees until the end of september. The sea warms up to approximately 25 degrees, so jump in and enjoy!